Key Stages 3 & 4

All pupils study French or or Spanish in Years 7 and then French and Spanish or German in Years 8 and 9. The department will make recommendations, however parents are invited to express a preference based on enduring contact with the country where the language is spoken or a member of the family being able to speak the second MFL and actively support the student's learning.

Pupils who would benefit from studying only one MFL in Years 8 and 9 focus on one of these languages for 3 hours per week.  

In Year 8 the single langugae is French; however in Year 9 all three languages can be studied individually. 

It is hoped that all students will study at least one foreign language in Key Stages 4. 

For any further details please contact the school or download the current curriculum overview.

Parents can see the course overviews on-line - click here

At the start of each MFL course (Year 7 for French and Spanish) and Year 8 for the second MFL pupils will sit a baseline test which maps their targets to the end of Key Stage 4.

The grid showing the targets can be accessed here.

The following web-site provide further information regarding the Key Stages 4 and 5 course specifications: OCR  Examining board for GCSE, AS & A2 examinations