MFL Web-logs / "Blogs"


The department uses web-logs ("blogs") to enable students to create projects and document their language learning experiences either in class or extra-curricular.

Participating students must be made "members" of a particular blog by submitting their e-mail address to the administrator (Mr Taylor). 

The facility is made available via While the web-logs created by students of SBS can neither be accessed at random by third parties without this specific web address, nor are e-mail addresses made public, the department cannot take any responsibility for any material accessed by students beyond the web-log administered by the school. 

As with all such initiatives, there are individuals who may abuse their privilege and post unsuitable material on a web-log. This will be removed as soon as it is noticed and the individuals will be subject to the appropriate sanctions.

All members  should use the spell-check facility before posting material on the blog.



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Collège de  Sèvres: French partners' blog about their return visit to Hertford (February-March 2006) 

Dordogne Project:      

 German Exchange 2006-07:      

Blog 4: