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Channel 4's award winning interactive language learning game web sites 

Verb 2 Verbe: KS4 & 5 power practice 

Le Point du Fle - comprehensive French T&L material





French links


    The French-speaking world

    Language learning sites

    AS & A2 sites

    Fun & miscellany, songs, music to download etc.

  Download sound files of the French GCSE oral questions and sample answers (legacy spec.) (staff resources)




French search engines


Expo 1 audio resources to download (Year7)

Expo 2 & 3 audio resources to download (Years 8 & 9)

Métro 4 rouge audio resources to download (KS4)

Credo reference in French (KS4 & 5) Hover over icon for password  Username:  jcs011       Password:   dracula

What's the weather like in France? 

TiVi5 Monde - kid focussed links from TV5 

Selected sites with interactive grammar exercises

All sorts of interactive exercises and games suitable for both Key Stages 3 and 4 Languages on-line (hover over button for info)

Soccerlingua: French Year 7 and 8 vocabulary games. More:

Soccerlingua: French interactive online adventure comic book

Atantôt: Big bright learning activities for KS3 and 4 French

Linguascope: Big bright learning activities for KS3 and 4 French

Key Stage 4 Listening & Oral Independent Study material. Sample answers and questions.

Songs (KS3)

Language learning tasks using songs (KS3-5)

Travlang: Interesting site to browse for all sort of languages

Colourful basic website and links for French, German and many other languages to explore

BBC French language learning links site

BBC: The French Experience 1

BBC: The French Experience 2

French Bitesize GCSE revision

French Bitesize mp3 download site for GCSE revision

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The French Speaking World

Maison de la France

This French Life

"Into-France" (a commercial site but with great links for information about France via a clickable map)

Tunisian Tourist Board website in French. KS4 project work and 6th Form topics Tourist info for Paris

Find out information about French towns, cities and regions

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Language Learning Sites (mostly for KS3 & 4)

Grammar exercises 

Équipe course-book web-site

French Extra: fun and games with avatars!

Becker: everything and anything French (other languages also)

French Teacher Net: reinforcement tasks for revision KS2/3/4

Sunderland schools' MFL resources (other languages also)

Nacell MFL reources:

NGFL - Cymru: French resources and on-line activities

LE MENSUEL: BBC current French monthly review (KS4/5)

Revision exercises

Bitesize: BBC revision website

Bonjour de France (Upper KS4 & Yr12)

Wild French! KS3 & KS4 

Interactive language learning site with videos and self correcting exercises

BBC Languages home page. Links to video clips, role play and other listening exercises (requires Real Player)

BBC French home page

Year 7 and 8 Avantage 1 Exercises

"Talk French" KS3 practice

Revision site suitable for all levels

Bonjour - basic practice for Years 7, 8 and 9

"Quia" language learning site with excellent interactive topic revision games

All topics: "The Really Useful French Teaching Site" - interactive exercises

Link to revision web-site set out in a quiz format. Good practice for all levels

Télé 7 Jours: French TV listings. Very useful for GCSE topics to do with television and films

French school interactive website for topic: Personal ID

Personal ID practice with "Bozo le Chat"

French weather website

Fusée: French course for both KS3 & 4. An award-winning educational website

Channel Hopping: Programme scripts and notes

Linguaweb: Good general revision site with multimedia interactive language games

Actif: GCSE course exercises. Worth a visit for supplementary revision material

GCSE interactive grammar revision resources


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AS & A Level sites

Resources on main AS/A2 page

Élan 1 & 2 

Bonjour de France (Yr12)

Europe 1 radio : news

Le Monde: French Daily Newspaper suitable for Key Stage 4 to AS/A2 level

AS & A2 Revision website

Francelink: Various links for topic research (KS4 & 6th Form) - Media, TV & Cinema

Topical A Level material from pop and sport to the world of work

Anna Nova French. The virtual newsreader from the Ananova news service site introduces herself in French


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Fun Links & Miscellany


The "Aller" Rap (You Tube)

Parc Astétrix: games download

Voici Timmy: French TV Timmy Time web site with videos! 

  Tintin website: Games and characters

Adopt an! A very silly web site dedicated to snails

French Simpsons web-site (good for revision of topics: family, town, jobs, personalities etc.)

Elle: French women's magazine website - fashion etc.

French Canadian food website: "Recettes pour les nuls" - recipes

"Showbiz" news from France

Soccer website

Interactive football trivia web site for students learning French

Friends: French fan website for the US sitcom "Friends"  

Harry Potter: French school children's Harry Potter website 

Science: French Canadian fun website for school science. Full of science based activities. French kids web-site with lots of interesting links

Miscellaneous French web-sites for general surfing

Pop fanzine site for the French pop star "Alizée" (requires Quick-time/Realplayer)


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