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This page is updated periodically with student's work as well as hosting a selection of MFL songs to make learning more memorable!

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Ma routine journalière (à la Jingle Bells!)

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German present tense Song       


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Year 7 Sing-a-long !

For many years pupils have sung the world-famous Fish Song in German brought to these shores many years ago by a humble foreign language assistant. 

Now you too can sing along with this digitally re-mastered version. Just click on the fish !






Le Rap Français / Ein deutsches Raplied

New French and German rap songs for all Key Stage 3 students or anyone else who wants to practise all the basics and improve their accent at the same time! 

Click on the cool smartie


The Aller Rap

The "Aller" Rap (You Tube)







 Être Verb Song

The quick and easy way to remember how to use the French verbs of motion in the perfect tense. Essential for Year 9 to reach Level 5.

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Bob the Builder goes to find work abroad!

 As citizens of the European Union, Bob and his gang no longer need work permits to work in France and Germany. The only problem is that they will need to sing in French and German as they "get the job done". Click on Bob to find out more!





  Ma routine journalière (à la Jingle Bells!)

Being a teenager is tough, even in France. Learn the reflexive verbs and words for daily activities in French with this really tacky tune. Click here





Les Simpson / Die Simpsons (à la Jingle Bells!)

Being Lisa Simpson is tough in any language. 

Click here to visit the Simpsons in France and Germany!



Yet another reason to learn a foreign to find out!





April 2011 German Verb Song 

(Year 8 and even the 6th form when they have a bad day!

Verb Song Lyrics / Smartassess link

ich put the e on 
du: st 
er sie es: t t t 
wir and sie (they) forms take en 
like the infinitive again 
ihr means you 
and ihr, you see, 
always has to add a t 

Click on the cool smartie for music

You Tube link

                        Credit to Mr Z from St Anne O'Kneemus School




Target Language Creativity

With a renewed focus on creativity in the target language, Year 10 students have been studying a poem in German and the grammatical structures, which will enable them to expand their range of expression. 

This led to them producing a collection of prose poems with translations on the themes of Hope and Childhood

As I am sure you will agree, their work in the foreign language is quite expressive and in some cases rather unique! 

Well done all. Click here to read the e-book.