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The following links provide extra reinforcement tasks for students:

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     Channel 4's award winning interactive language learning game web sites 

        Fun links and games about Germany (KS3)

        Carnival-time in Germany


Eiszeit: German KS4 interactive movie exercises


Year 9 audio stories: Die Geburtstagsparty ...what went wrong? !


German Links


    The German-speaking world

    Language learning sites

    AS & A2 sites

    Fun & miscellany, songs, music to download etc.

    Download sound files of all the possible GCSE oral questions and sample answers:   


Your virtual language assistant with model answers as video-clips for all your GCSE questions. 

(Note this link requires your SBS username and password. If the video files do not load, right click and save target to your desktop or folder): 

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German search engine

Logo 1 and 2 audio files linked to the course books (KS3)

Logo 1 games linked to units  

Na Klar: KS4 Listening resources linked to course book to download

Probably the most useful German grammar tables ever! 

Selected sites with interactive grammar exercises

All sorts of interactive exercises and games suitable for both Key Stages 3 and 4 Languages on-line 

Atantôt site in German: Big learning activities! website. Key Stage 3 and 4 topics through games and quizzes

German School's encyclopaedia


Travlang: Interesting site to browse for all sort of languages

Colourful basic web site and links for German and many other languages to explore

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The German Speaking World

Anything and everything to do with Germany The Voyage: Anything and everything to do with Germany (mainly KS4 & 5)

German fun and games for KS3 The UK German Connection: fun & games for KS3

München: Munich tourist board website. Good source for all things Bavarian!

Audio, video, film trailers and all sorts of interactive exercises games and background info about Germany

Rothenburg: Explore this German town. Good general town web-site

Meine Stadt : Gateway website to every major town website


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Links for Learning (mostly KS3 & 4)

Grammar exercises

Interactive language learning site with videos and self correcting exercises

German for travellers: Good basic language web site with sound files

Schoolzone: Search under languages

Der Ring des Nibelungen: multi-media story telling

Greek myths in German: cartoon quiz with audio

BBC Languages Homepage: Video clips with comprehension & other listening exercises (requires Realplayer)

BBC German language learning web site

Bitesize: BBC revision website

BBC German language learning links site

German interactive multimedia site from Canada for KS3 - German language learning activities for KS3 & 4

On-line German resources 

Ngfl-Cymru German resources

GCSE interactive grammar revision resources

Gute Reise Book 1 Exercises: Years 7 and 8

Anstoß: Interactive on-line learning activities linked to KS4 topics

"Quia" Language learning site with excellent topic revision games

"German Online" - general links, topic glossaries, dictionaries etc.

Linguaweb: Good general revision site with multimedia interactive language games

Becker: MFL resources

Sunderland schools' MFL resources

Tierlexikon: A German virtual zoo. Good resource for KS3 & 4. Worth browsing

Die Sendung mit der Maus: Germany's answer to Blue Peter

Die Rattenfaengersage: The Pied Piper Story for Yr7 & 8

The cuckoo and the donkey (German Year 7 music and colouring activity)


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A Level

Zeitgeist AS & A2 audio files (requires username & password)

The Goethe Institute Website: Research site for AS and A2 students of German

Der Standard: German news magazine - AS and A2 level

Der Spiegel: German Weekly news magazine suitable for AS/A2 level

Brennpunkt: Online grammar & vocabulary tests plus German AS & A2 level links

Ana Nova German: The virtual news reader from the Ananova web news service 

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Fun Links & Miscellany

German Simpsons website (good for revision of topics: family, town, jobs, personalities etc.)

Harry Potter: German Harry Potter fan website 

Harry Potter: German Harry Potter readers' website  

Germany 2006: World Cup Quiz. 

Other interactive world-cup quizzes: French / German

Miscellaneous German web-sites for general surfing. NB This site list is not regularly up-dated and may contain obsolete links.


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