Career Options for 

Foreign Language Students 

In today's global market, the career opportunities for students who have acquired skills in one or more foreign languages are virtually limitless. In addition to preparing students for careers in primary and secondary teaching or for continued language study at the graduate level, knowledge of world languages and cultures is a strong asset and an increasingly essential skill in the following career fields:

• international business, economics, export/import, finance, marketing, and trade;

• journalism;

• health care and nursing;

• history;

• government, foreign service, and international affairs;

• teaching, research, translating, and interpreting;

• the ministry;

• music and art careers; and

• environmental and non-profit organizations.

Knowledge of a modern foreign language combined with a chosen field, moreover, will give students a significant competitive edge in the job market. Of equal importance are the many non-commercial benefits one gains by studying a foreign language and the culture, history and literature of another country. Many students major or minor in a foreign language strictly for the enjoyment of learning about a different culture and language, and for building international friendships. To find out what kinds of careers our graduates are pursuing, visit our alumni page.

The following list contains a sample of potential occupations for Foreign Language and International Studies Majors. The list is by no means complete. Some of the positions below may require additional education beyond the bachelor's degree. Nonetheless, those students who have strong college records, who have mastered solid communication skills, who have gained a keen knowledge of foreign languages, cultures and customs, who have experience studying or working overseas, and who are willing to relocate after graduation are often highly attractive to potential employers.

Advertising Copywriter • Advertising Manager • Art Dealer • Banking Correspondent • Bilingual Clerk • Bilingual Educator • Bilingual Officer • Bilingual Banking Teller • Civil Service Employee • Consultant • Copywriter • Court Interpreter • Cultural Attachι • Cultural Officer • Customs/Immigration Officer • Editor • Fashion Buyer • Filmmaker • Finance Director • Financial Planning Associate • Foreign Correspondent • Foreign Diplomat • Foreign Exchange Trader • Foreign Service Officer • Foreign Service Specialist • Foreign Social Worker • Human Resources Director • Importer/Exporter • Intelligence Researcher • Intelligence Specialist • International Account Manager • International Banking Officer • International Conference Planner • International Consultant • International Hotel Administrator • International Trade Economist • International Trade Specialist • International Student Advisor • Interpreter • Journalist • Laboratory Technician • Library Technician • Linguist • Media Specialist • Missionary • Multi-Lingual Port Receptionist • Museum Curator • National Security Agent • Negotiator • Overseas Personnel Manager • Overseas Plant Manager • Paralegal • Peace Corps Volunteer • Pharmaceutical Representative • Politician • Production Supervisor • Professor • Proof-reader • Publishing Specialist • Quality Control Supervisor • Radio/TV Announcer • Reporter • Salesperson • Scientific Linguist • Scientific Interpreter • Scientific Translator • Teacher • Telecommunications Salesperson • TESO/ESL Teacher • Translator • Transport Equipment Manager • Travel Agent Tour Organizer • Travel Writer • UNESCO Official • University International Programs Administrator • Writer

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