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Mill Mead, Morgans & Bengeo Schools, Hertford

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Sites requiring password

    SBS KS2-3 resources

    SBS Super Sites

      Links to the Year 7 Expo 1 course site with sound files

    Expo 1 Scheme of Work

    Expo 1 Resources  

    Ice Age Fun in French & German

    Various interactive Macromedia sites (French & German)

    "Meine Welt" topic reinforcement

    Your virtual German assistant: video files

    French food!

    Le Château Hanté

    Simon Balle Super Site collection




     Key Stage 2 MFL National Curriculum 

     Talking multi-lingual glossaries 

    Hello World: Multi-lingual activities for KS2

    Les Simpson / Die Familie Simpson

    Songs in French and German with sound files

     Hello World. Interactive multilingual learning games

    Channel 4 French and German sites: Chez Mimi, Hennings Haus etc

     Net-consumers: top sites - French and German

     Northumberland Languages site: animated stories with sound

     Independent reading and resources International Children's Library I.C.L.  International Children's Library Simple Search  Search




   BBC primary languages: French

     KS2 French resources

    Lanternfish: French resources for KS2 teachers

    TiVi5 monde: French TV link page for KS2-3

     French  interactive multimedia sites from Canada! 

    Voici Timmy: French TV Timmy Time web site with videos! 

    Wild French

    Bonjour de France

    Bleu, Blanc Rouge: fun stuff! Primary resources

    Interactive French vocabulary site with sound




    KS2 German resources

    The Voyage: KS2 German Fun

    German Steps

    Liederbaum: Songs

    The cuckoo and the donkey (German KS2 music and colouring activity)




    BBC Primary Spanish

    KS2 Spanish resources

    SBSLANGS: Spanish links (various)

    KS2 links under-development



     Under construction: more quick links to follow soon!

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