Recommended Supplementary Materials

The Department recommends the following resources which you may purchase from members of the Department or directly on-line from the supplier.


Independent reading and resources International Children's Library I.C.L.  International Children's Library Simple Search  Search


Interactive Multi-media CD/DVD Roms 

Talk Now! (Years 7-9), World Talk (Years 9-11) and Movie Talk DVD rom (Years 11-13). Time Educational Supplement award winning software. Eurotalk homepage


Please contact Mr Taylor if you would like advice on what CD roms are suitable. 


Year 7 onwards: 

Oxford School Bi-lingual Dictionaries

Price 6.00


Year 10 & 11  Revision Guides

Click logo for product information

French / German 4.00* normally 4.50


Magazines for Learners at all levels

ELI magazines published by European School Books Ltd. offer a valuable support resource if you would like your son / daughter to undertake more independent reading for pleasure.

There are 6 issues per year at an annual subscription  for the magazine and  optional accompanying cassettes.

Click on the advertisement above to explore the ELI web-site.   


Mary Glasgow Magazines logo Mary Glasgow Magazines for French, German and Spanish, all levels